Essay on Childhood and Young People

Childhood and Young People

TDA several. 4: Encourage children and young someones positive behaviour. 1 . 1 Summarise the policies and procedures with the setting highly relevant to promoting children and youthful people's positive behaviour.

Almost all schools include policies and procedures set up for all users of staff/volunteers to follow once promoting great behavior. The main policy in relation to behavior will be the behavior policy, however different policies could have an impact just like anti- bullying, child protection and health and safety. Each of our school has a golden contract for the whole institution to follow.

Our whole university Golden Arrangement


I've the right to always be safe| I've the responsibility being kind and gentle| I possess the right to become heard| I possess the responsibility to become others| I have the right to operate a pleasant environment| I have the responsibility to look after the college environment| I have the right to end up being treated fairly| I have the obligation to treat others fairly| I possess the right to learn| I have the obligation to job to the finest ofmy skills

At our school we expect that good behaviour needs to be taught and that " what you be aware of is what you get. ” We for that reason base our systems about looking for and rewarding very good behaviour. Worthwhile good actions the system that they can use is: * Golden Time – specific rewards for work/behaviour (weekly) * Complete school system based on home points

2. Child of Week – Public special event of an person's success 2. Head Teacher's Award – Individual advantages for excellent achievement or effort 2. Attendance Records – Termly awards to get full attendance and targeted improvements in attendance. Also our university has approaches in place to minimise poor behaviour, they can be guided by following principles: * Great planning for job and conduct pays dividends!

* Responding emotionally to situations will not help

5. Distracting and defusing a situation is less dangerous for children and...