Essay about Vocational School and Sis Teaches Dialect

Business School and Sister Teaches Language

A. Answer the following questions. These answers can be found in it.

1 . You will find three people in his family. He is 12-15 and in secondary school, his of his sis is in collection, His other sister educates language great mother is known as a widow. They speak their local Indian language and The spanish language.

2 . Industry is important in their city it can be one of the only ways to get create and foodstuff in their metropolis. It is also important because it is developing people from far away areas.

3. Weaving cloth is and important build in Guatemala because it is that they make purses and handbags, belts, and shirts and blouses

4. Cesar attends a vocational school where he discovers job abilities.

5. Usually after college Cesar tours his bike to his uncles place to support him make purses.

6th. He and his family eat tortillas and black espresso beans a lot.

six. To prepare for the event in their metropolis by making plenty of ornamental eggs pertaining to the festivity.

B. Create a short formula in English comparing and contrasting the lifestyle of people in your area and that with the people of Chichicastenango. Support your answers with facts from the online video. They have a dried season and a rainy season it usually prevents raining aroung October and does not start again till around April or May. In their country side area they may have just started obtaining electricity plus they only acquire two mild fixtures and one go for turn them on and off simultaneously. They celebrate Easter with a festival and so they prepare for this kind of festival by causing lots of decorative eggs. His personal goals should be go to a trade school to get an electrician after he graduates. This individual and his friends and family have a fastpaced life with school tasks and operate because they must do a lot of the work by hand. They do not have a lot of the appliances that we have to help them.

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