Essay on Vision 2020 to Be the Best and Biggest Company in the Transport and provide Chain Sector Providing Memorable Travel Encounters,...

Vision 2020 to Be the Greatest and Biggest Company in the Transport and provide Chain Market Providing Unforgettable Travel Activities, Moving Products and Catalyzing Organization Growth in Domestic and International Markets.

1 . Base of Rizal letter towards the young girls of Malolos

1 . 1) Duties of Mother to her children

* the duties is that a mom must always always be the for the child and ensure he kid is at an excellent stage or healthВ 1 ) 2) Features of Mother must poses

* A mommy will love her children ‘to the moon and back' and more.  They appreciate with an unconditional like, much just like God does.  We may not approve of what they do, or perhaps who they see, nevertheless our like is frequent. 1 . 3) Responsibility of wife with her husband

* The wife's responsibility is to allow the husband to be Spiritual head of the home. That the girl with to submit to his leadership. 1 . 4) Quality of any man must considered of any choosing his wife 2. It is the characteristics of points that guy should take unto himself a wife, and the Law decrees the need of person for woman. But not every single kind of real wood is match to make a great arrow, and not every woman makes a suitable partner.

1 . Bottom of new El Fili identified the next exp.

installment payments on your 1) Rizal message inside the novel

* The fact that present approach to government in the Philippines through corrupt representatives, dominated by the friars can lead to the problem of Italy. This point was stressed by Simoun inside the novel, if he said, " What is a guy to do if he is rejected justice? Take the law in his individual hands or perhaps wait for Spain to give him rights…" From the foregoing, Rizal was incredibly certain that as a result of nature and operation in the government, those people who are intelligent, good, hard-working, brave and loyal individuals were driven into resistance, crime and subversion.