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Section II - Part A

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Directions: The following query requires one to construct a coherent composition that works with your interpretation of Documents A-1 along with your knowledge of the time referred to inside the question. In your essay, you must strive to support your assertions both by citing essential pieces of facts from the papers and by drawing on your knowledge from the period.

1 . " By the 1850's the Constitution, actually framed while an instrument of national unity, had become a source of sectional discord and tension and ultimately written for the failing of the union it had developed. "

Using the documents plus your knowledge of the period 1850-1861, assess the validity of the statement.

Document A

Document W

Origin: An Confidential Georgian, " Plain Words and phrases for the North, " American Whig Review, XII (December 1850)

" In a government exactly where sectional hobbies and emotions may come in conflict, the only security for resolution and peace is to be found in a Metabolism whose procedures are invulnerable.... 'Every State, before stepping into that small, stood ready of independence: Ere containing that independence, it was only proper that provision should be made to shield the hobbies of those which would undoubtedly be the weaker because confederacy.

" [The framers of the Constitution] acted wisely, and put in the Metabolic rate all that the South could ask. But two Constitutional procedures are necessary for getting Southern privileges upon this important question, -the recognition of slavery where the people select it as well as the remedy for fugitive slaves.... We hold which the Constitution from the Union does recognize captivity where this exists....

'A large part of our Says have followed and allow slavery. The entire country becomes held of new terrain, to the acquisition of which these slave Declares contribute generally. The Southern region admits the right of this fresh territory to pick for itself whether captivity shall or perhaps shall not are present there. 'But the North insists, that while the terrain was partially acquired by Southern guys, is partly owned by Southern males, that they will be excluded from its soil, that they can shall not carry their property to their own land-land which is their own by the proper of purchase' Thus it truly is rendered, in the event these opinions are carried out, simply difficult for any new State which represents the The southern area of interest at any time to come into the Union. The balance which only can preserve the Metabolism is utterly damaged. And to do this, flagrant infractions of the plainest rules of right and wrong are committed....

" The Union, without a living, vital Cosmetic, is yet a vain and bare name. T?i, more, it can be but a body powerless for good, good for evil. Its destruction is unavoidable unless the first guarantees are respected and maintained. "

Document C

Supply: Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Document D

Source: Ralph Waldo Emerson, address within the Fugitive Servant Law (May 3, 185 1)

" An wrong law causes it to be a man's duty to be able to it, at every hazard: Pertaining to virtue is the very do it yourself of every gentleman. 'It is therefore a principle of law that an immoral deal is gap, and that an immoral statute is void.... " The [Fugitive Slave Law] is a statute which in turn enacts the crime of kidnappings offense on one footing with arson and homicide. A man's right to liberty is as individual as his right to life....

" By law of Congress Mar 2, 1807, it is piracy and murder, punishable with death, to enslave a man on the coastline of The african continent. 'By rules of Our elected representatives September, 1850, it is a excessive crime and misdemeanor, punishable with good and imprisonment, to avoid the reenslaving a man for the coast of America.:.. The type of legal guidelines is this? The type of Constitution which covers that?...

" I suppose the Union can...