Unsociable Good manners Essay

Unsociable Manners

Eric J. Matteson

K. Poff

English 1302. 091

Oct 24, 2012

Unsociable Manners

Forceful occasions in the lives of people, like wrongful imprisonment or the murdering of their relatives, are very strong forces to alter the key of that person. It takes the gloves off, so to speak, besides making them more dangerous people who no longer take care of the rules of society. The Misfit from Flannery O'Connor's " A fantastic Man is Hard to Find” will never alter, as confirmed by his encounter with the grandmother and family. The Misfit will not change because he has already been changed.

When you first satisfy the Misfit you don't know that their him and though there are oddities he does not seem so bad. His conference of the grandma really doesn't affect him though. This is shown through the quick decision and soft actions with the Misfit great men. There is certainly very little interaction between the Misfit's crew as they methodically homicide and hide the family members in organizations. This shows as soon as the granny recognizes the Misfit and he then says, " but it would have been better for every you, girl, if you we hadn't of reckernized me. ”(411), and from then on he almost exclusively talks to the granny and says very little to his guys. Nevertheless that they know exactly what is on his mind and what he wants, while he in turn knows what his men will certainly do. These are generally indicating elements that no matter who have they would fulfill, if someone recognizes the Misfit chances are they have to pass away so that he can even now live away from law and become free. So when the grandma asks, " You more than likely shoot a woman, would you? ”(411), it's previously too late from here on out of decision. The Misfit has a code restrictive enough, and usual for sociopathic killers, that if the grandmother had not known him they can have helped them to proceed on their method. Clearly pyschological data reports that as for the rest of the storyplot the Misfit chats up with grandma, until he kills her.

The politeness and convers-ability...

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