Essay about Causes and Prevention of Chagas Disease

Causes and Avoidance of Chagas Disease

Chagas Disease – The Lethal Kiss

Launch: My wife and I will be in the process of planning the next vacation. We consented to travel returning to Belize, seeing that we've been right now there before and really enjoyed that. After doing some research in where we were going to stay, I came across an online site that covered information about one common disease that continues to be getting much more attention lately. It is known as Chagas Disease and it is a silent killer. I love Belize… but not to death. I actually. What is Chagas Disease?

A. Chagas disease is usually caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, and it is transmitted to humans simply by an insect vector, the blood-sucking bugs of the subfamily Triatominae, also referred to as the Kissing bug. 1 . An attacked triatomine pest vector (or " kissing" bug) needs a blood meal and launches trypomastigotes in the feces near the site in the bite wound. 2 . Itching the site from the bite causes the trypomastigotes to enter the host throughout the wound. 3. Once within the host, the trypomastigotes get into cells, in which they identify into intracellular amastigotes, and they are then launches into the blood stream. B. Chagas disease takes place in 3 phases: acute, intermediate, and chronic. 1 . Symptoms throughout the acute stage of Chagas disease, which usually lasts for weeks or a few months, include puffiness at the contamination site, fever, swollen glands, and enhancement of the hard working liver or spleen. 2 . Through the Intermediate stage, there are simply no symptoms. a few. Signs and symptoms from the chronic phase of Chagas disease may well occur 12 to 20 years after primary infection consist of irregular heartbeat, congestive cardiovascular system failure, and udden cardiac arrest. 4. Call at your doctor in the event you live in and have traveled to the at risk of Chagas disease and you have signs and symptoms from the condition, including swelling at the infection site, fever, tiredness, body pains, rash and nausea. C. Chagas disease is in your area transmitted in North, Central, and South America. 1 ....

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