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Treasury Office Rule

TAMIL NADU POINT OUT TREASURIES AND ACCOUNTS SERVICES SPECIAL GUIDELINES Section twenty eight A below Part III A from the Service Rules in quantity II from the Tamil Nadu Services Manual 1969 Regulation 1 Rule 2 categories of posts. Course I Class II:: Category 1: Treasury Officer t. e. farrenheit. 16. summer. 95 (G. O. Ms. No . 672 Fin (T& A I) Dept dt. 20. 10. 98) Pay and Accounts Officers Variety Grade Accounts Officers Collection Grade Treasury Officer Erased. Vide G. O. Ms. No . two hundred Fin (T& A I) Dept., out dated 16. summer. 03 t. e. farrenheit. 27. 03. 83.:: Omitted CONSTITUTION The skills shall incorporate the following classes and

Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Class III: Category 1 Category 2 Category 3



Accounts Officers Helper Pay and Accounts Official Assistant Superintendent of Rubber stamps (G. O. Ms. Number 614 Very b (T& A I) Dept dt. 01. 06. 90)

(For the expression " T. A. To. ” the expression " A. O. ” substituted in G. To. Ms. Number 211 B (T& A) Dept, dated 15. 03. 85) Course IV: Associate Accounts Officers (G. U. Ms. No . 903 Very b (T& A) Dept dt. 13. '08. 90) (For the expression " Junior Accounts Officer” the expression " Assistant Accounts Officer” substituted in G. O. Ms. No . 212 Termin (T& A) Dept, dated 15. goal. 85) 3. APPOINTMENTS: (a) Appointment to the Classes specific in Steering column (1) of the Table under shall be made by the methods particular in the corresponding entries in Column (2) thereof.

a couple of THE DESK Class (1) Class I Method of Session (2) Wiped. Vide G. O. Ms. No . 2 hundred Fin (T& A I) Dept., old 16. 06. 03 t. e. farreneheit. 27. goal. 83. (i) Promotions by among the cases of the content in any with the categories in the lecture III Or Recruitment by transfer coming from among the holders of the post of Section Officers in Class XII inside the Tamil Nadu General Services excluding the post of Section Representatives in Law Department. (G. O. Ms. No . 672 Fin (T& A) Dept, dated 20. 11. 98) (w. e. f. 16. 06. 95) Direct Recruiting Or (ii) Promotion coming from among the holder of the post of Associate Accounts Expert Or Recruiting by copy among the owners of the blogposts of Assistant Treasury Officer and Elderly Superintendents inside the Treasuries and Accounts Subordinate Service. (w. e. f. 25. 01. 77 G. O. Ms. No . 542 Fin (T& A) Dept, dated 22. 07. 91) Recruitment simply by transfer by among the cases of the content in the group of Sub Treasury Officers Quality I and Superintendents Level I in the Treasuries and Pay and Accounts Offices. Or perhaps Recruitment simply by transfer coming from among the cases of the articles of Superintendents, Accountants, Commercial Accountants or perhaps Auditors paid for on the Tamil Nadu Ministerial Service inside the scale of pay applicable to Superintendents as above or coming from among folks holding comparable supervisory articles carrying size of shell out not less than those of Superintendents in a other services. (G. O. Ms. No . 903 Very b (T& A) Dept, dated 13. 08. 90) Marketing promotions to the articles shall be made on environment of worth and capability seniority staying considered only if merit and ability are approximately equal.

Class II


Class III



School IV




3(bb) From the vacancies in Class II both permanent and temporary, eighty percent with the vacancies will be filled up via among the cases of the content in Class III and twenty percent of the

several vacancies shall be reserved for appointment by recruiting by copy from the category of Section Official of the Departments of Secretariat. The vacancies so reserved for the Section Officer in the Finance Office and the Section Officer under the One Device in the rate of 1: 3. Out of every 20 vacancies in the lecture II, the ninth vacancy shall be chock-full from among the list of category of Section Officer in the Finance Division and the tenth, nineteenth and twentieth vacancies from among the category of Section Officer in the Departments of Secretariat in One Unit. The seniority from the persons chosen to the post shall be fixed in the above cyclic purchase by which collection is made. Provided that if not any qualified applicant is available in the Finance Division, such vacancy shall be chock-full by the...