Essay around the Study of Effectives Providing Strategies for San Beda University students and the A result of Consumer Tendencies on the Effective...

The Study of Effectives Selling Methods for San Berbeda College Students plus the Effect of Customer Behavior within the Effective Offering Strategies

Study regarding Effectives Providing Strategies for San Beda University students and the A result of Consumer Behavior on the Powerful Selling Approaches

S. Con. 2012-2013

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Prof. Sybil T. Agreda

Teachers, San Berbeda College

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CAPUCION, Justin Clyne M.

SHIMIZU, Heroyuki A.



January 22, 2013

Stand of Material

I. Background of the research

II. Affirmation of the Issue

III. Value of the Research

IV. Assumptive and Conceptual Framework

Sixth is v. Definition of Conditions

VI. Scope and Limitation

VII. Research Speculation

Background from the study

Statement of the Problem


The investigation will decide the effective selling strategy for SBC learners and will make clear how will probably be affected by customer behavior.

1 ) What are the effective offering strategies for San Beda College or university (SBC) Pupil when they are assembled according to: a. Course

b. Male or female

2 . Exist significant variations on the powerful selling approaches when respondents are arranged according to: a. Course

b. Sexuality

3. Just how can the consumer tendencies of SBC students affect the selling tactics?

Significance with the study

2. Business owners

This kind of study aims to help business owners to efficiently see their particular product/s. Specifically because they have many well-known competitors inside the campus by way of example Pizza Shelter, Tokyo Tokyo and Wendy's. They can produce their own selling strategy employing their product, selling price and promo. * Pupils

This examine may help students of SBC to budget their money when it comes to ordering their food. This will likewise help them choose the right food for healthy living. * Marketers

This will serve as advice about the selling tactics that can be applied if it will have a chance which the SBC students will be presently there target market. * SBC Teachers

This research can also gain any of the SBC faculty who have are currently or perhaps choose to take part in a marketing part time job. It will help them determine what are the tendencies and the criteria of their target market. * Business owners

This examine may also be used by simply young internet marketers who want to start their own business or a tiny partnership to make decisions about what product/s to trade and where you can open the business. Theoretical and Conceptual Structure


The AIDAS theory of selling is one of the widest well-known theories and is also the basis intended for training components across several organizations. AIDAS stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Fulfillment. The AIDESYS theory just states which a prospect experiences five distinct stages prior to finally answering satisfactorily to the product. Interest,


• Effective Advertising Strategy


• Course

• Male or female

It demonstrates the course of a student can impact the offering strategies mainly because every course has a several influence and understanding to students. A lot of courses may have different concepts which may bring about contradictions in the students' thoughts and feelings. The sexuality may very affect these strategies because men and women don’t have the same tastes. The lifestyle of men and women change in large quantities that a certain approach might advantage a guy but may well not benefit a lady. The offering strategies may affect a student who is taking on a particular course for example Advertising or even Recruiting. This is because the selling approaches give us a new perception about how people take action and what they prefer. It might change the approach we think and the way all of us view points, either anytime or consist of people. These types of selling strategies can become an instrument for students who are taking up business courses. These kinds of strategies may help other students by making these people think vitally and be familiar with world of business.

Exploration Hypothesis

H1: There are significant differences around the effective offering...