the problem of difinition anything Essay

the problem of difinition a word

п»їThe problems of meaning of a word

No person doubts that word is a basic unit of lexicology, alongside with morphemes and phraseological models. Each expression is a little unit within a vast, efficient and a well ballanced system. It really is immediately recognized by every single native audio. A word can be described as dialectical unanimity of form and content material. The definition in the word is among the most difficult in linguistics as the simplest term is a multi-aspect unit owning a appear form (a certain agreement of phonemes). Besides, it includes morphological structure (a specific arrangement of morphemes). When it is used in genuine speech, it may well occur in several word varieties and sign different symbolism. The word can be described as sort of focus for the down sides of phonology, lexicology, syntax, morphology and also for some additional sciences coping with the language and speech. All these sciences implies its own meaning of the word but also in fact none of these definitions can be considered entirely satisfactory in all respects. If we make an effort to divorce two facets of the term (form and content), the word will lose it is identity. The phrase is additional complicated by existence of variants and word varieties. ‘Write - writing -- has been producing - wrote - written' - these are word varieties. They are lexically identical but they have different grammatical meaning. These forms constitute the term paradigm. Variations appear once slight adjustments in the morphemic or phonemic structure from the word are related with virtually any modification inside the content or changes in the planes of phrase are related to the enhancements made on the plane of content (‘open' - ‘opened'). There are a lot of linguistic definitions of the word. It can be defined syntactically (a nominal sentence; a minor free form which usually occur in sentences), as a nominal meaningful unit of speech. It can be deemed on strictly phonetic criterion as a part of the sentence singled out with full stops. Several linguists claim that word is usually means of nominating any element of...