Essay about The Power of Social websites and Online community in Education

The Power of Social websites and Social media in Education

The Power of Social websites and Social media in Education

" What is good learning? That may be a subjective question. Yet it's likely that many teachers would give answers that along with the same ballpark …students collaborating and speaking about ideas, conceivable solutions… …project-based learning, designed around real world contexts… …connecting with other pupils around the world, upon topics of study… …immersing students within a learning knowledge that allows those to grapple with a problem, …gaining higher-order pondering skills from pursuing the solution…

To many teachers, these thoughts are music to their the ears. Would it seem to be terribly peculiar then to know that learners indeed are doing these things on a regular basis outside of all their classrooms? Daily, many students are spending countless hours submerged in popular technologies—such since Facebook or perhaps MySpace, World of Warcraft, or Sim City—which at first glance may seem such as a waste of time, and brain cellular material. But these makes of technologies— Social Networking, Digital Gaming, and Simulations—deserve the second, deeper, look at what's in fact going on. ”[1]

This recent whitepaper, other notable analysis, and studies showing learners spend a lot more than 10 hours a day applying technology[2], have educators and managers grappling while using positive benefits of technology versus the negative repercussion we see all too often in today's statements.

Sexual wrong doings in educational institutions is coldly apparent around the world, and very many cases today require the inappropriate use of social media. This end result is stimulating administrators to " ban” or prohibit social media and networking. To do so , the down side is they reduce the enormous influence technology can easily have in their classroom. So , the question today needs to be, how can we engage the students and teachers properly in the interesting world of learning through the use of websites, wikis, pod-casts,...