Essay regarding the masque of red death

the masquerade of reddish colored death

Unit a couple of Study Guide - The following is a list of terms/people/events - they are a majority of what you need to study for your quizzes and unit evaluation, but not everything. On top of this, examine your notes as well, although I just set these terms so that you set a little bit of extra emphasis on these people. For each term or thought – it is good to assess the definition, as well as the following: who also, what, wherever, when, how come, and how. The WHY is very important. Not all terms have all of the Ws, if you can't excellent one over a topic, avoid worry. For folks, why do we have to know about them/why were they will so powerfulk? Don't only define these people, but put the term in the larger historic context. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1896 election

American Federation of Labor

Angel Isle

Assassination of President Garfield

Battle of Wounded Knees - effects

Bessemer method

Booker To. Washington

Business regulations back in the 1800s/early 1900s


Town life

Communautaire bargaining


Ellis Isle

Entertainment in the early 20th century/free time activities Exodusters

Farmers' Bijou

Gilded Grow older

Grover Cleveland

Haymarket Rectangular


Immigration and reasons behind immigration

Jacob Riis

Sean Crow Laws/restrictions of privileges for hispanics


Life for new migrants

Major Labor Organizations

Middle category


Nationwide Grange

Natives – lifestyle, changes, key events

Open-range program

Opportunities for girls

Plessy sixth is v. Ferguson

Populism/Populist Party – goals, results, achievements

Post-Civil War Usa – esp. ways of life and the economic system Protective Tariffs

Railroads and effects on ways of your life – esp. for ranchers and maqui berry farmers Schooling in this era

Sherman Antitrust Work

Suffrage movements

Susan W. Anthony

Spanish influence on southwest

ruins system

Technology and results on your life

Thomas Nast

W. Elizabeth. B. DuBois