Essay regarding The Odyssey

The Odyssey

Odysseus, in Homer's The Odyssey, exhibits both good and weakened leadership expertise in certain circumstances. Odysseus stays protective and caring although isn't incredibly trusting or perhaps open to his crew. He doesn't inform his staff about what the prophet explained, and the thing that was in the handbag from the Breeze King. When the crew was on the Island from the Sun Our god, Odysseus blatantly said for them not to touch the cows. Yet this individual failed to make clear the consequences. Since his actions illustrate equally strong and weak management, each possibly affected how Odysseus might lead the crew.

Odysseus received a fortune through the Prophet, Teiresias. Teriresias tells Odysseus, " Avoid individuals kine, hold fast on your intent, and hard seafaring brings you most to Ithaca. But if you raid the beeves, I see destruction to get ship and crew. Though you survive by itself, bereft coming from all companion, misplaced for years, under strange cruise shall you come home, to look for your own house stuffed with trouble…” (l. 630-636) that means Odysseus understood that in the event the crew would touch the cattle, they will die. Odysseus didn't tell the crew anything this individual learned through the Prophet. Staying selfish, he kept all of the information this individual received to himself. Odysseus shows poor leadership attributes, because your dog is putting his crew in risk of death.

The staff sails upon the Island and is told to not touch the cattle, or perhaps they would have to pay dearly for it. Odysseus didn't tell his crew what exactly would happen to them in the event that they handled one of the cattle. Thinking the results mustn't become extremely harmful, Eurylochus convinces the crew to kill and party on one from the Sun God's cattle. However, they did certainly not know Lampetia was guarding the cattle, " They have killed your kine. ” (l. 921) she informed her father, Lord Helios. Master Helios in that case prayed to Zeus for making Odysseus's team pay for what they did to you. This makes Odysseus seem like an undesirable leader, he didn't inform his crew about what Head of the family Helios would do towards the crew, resulting in all the guys dying apart from...