Essay about The first Crusade

The first Mission

The First Mission


1 . The crusading movement was obviously a significant event in the good medieval The european union. They opened up an era in which Western The european union came into immediate contact with the truly great trade paths that united the cultures of Eurasia For the first time because the fall with the Roman empire, western Europe was not isolated, but an integral part of a greater community. Many things flowed along these kinds of trade routes. Some had been good, such as paper, the compass, medicines and seasonings, new vegetation and improvements in math concepts. Some weren't so good, such as leprosy, nitroglycerine nitroc, and bubonic plague. Like most great situations, there were many factors, a lot of immediate and apparent, some basic and noticeable, and some in the middle that proceeded to go together to cause those of traditional western Europe to seek to conquest and keep the lands with the Eastern Mediterranean.

2 . Triggers

A. Fundamental Causes

1 . European culture had made it the raids of the Magyars, Vikings, and Saracens, and its economy and society had been recovering quickly. There was a new spirit of chance apparent in the art, books, an activities of the western Europeans. This was manifested for least partly in an increased popularity of pilgrimages -- excursions to visit far away holy places to worship there and view the artefacts of the new orleans saints. This was a spiritual activity, but the many of the pilgrims clearly liked themselves just like tourists in a age.

2 . Europe had been in a length of expansion, and its capacity for war and cure had produced during the years of fending away raiders coming from all path. Most importantly from the standpoint with the crusades, the Italian city states experienced developed navies of merchant/fighting vessels that had seized control of the Mediterranean. They had reconquered Sicily and the southern area of Italy from the Muslims, and there was a general sense that, like the Vikings and Magyars, the pressure of the Muslims was spent and that the way eastward lay open.

a few. The nature of religious change that experienced led to the...