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The text represents an extract in the novel " Wheels” by Arthur Haily. The get belongs to the poesie style. The text looks at the partnership between He Zaleski and his daughter Barbara. The main theme of the remove is the era gap. The writer managed to disclose the inner corners of the characters' soul throughout the description with their attitude to each other, their behaviour and outlook. At the very beginning Haily makes use of the epithet " the lonesome weekend”. But also in fact the phrase " lonely” refers to Matt because the weekend is the time for you to enjoy being with the friends and family but his daughter " is apart somewhere”. We could jump into conclusion that Matt and Barbara don't mix a lot, as children and fathers usually do. Matt is merely in the dark where girl can be (" somewhere”). As the author puts it the man " has to fend to get himself”. The word " has” should be stressed - He doesn't genuinely wish to do it although there is no way out. To his mind a lot more too hard in him and he is a victim. The man looks backside on the classic days the moment his better half was with your life and they led a happy existence. Matt is sulky and irritated because his girl doesn't maintain him. And it is behind him to understand that Barbara isn't a little girl anymore. Matt considers that she actually is all about her own your life and work is regarded simply by her " as essential with her father's. ” Matt really wants to be taken beneath his young one's wing. In the text we come across with the man's take on women's business. He wants his child, as any common woman, to keep house nevertheless Barbara aren't do it because she's very busy. The lady is sure that they need a housekeeper but Shiny doesn't desire to meet her halfway. On the one hand I arrived at realize that Matt is a self-centered person. It is he whom doesn't place his girl interests first. But on the other hand Barbara is a excellent one. She actually is stubborn and inflexible. The girl always stands her ground. The girl must be more put up with...