The Development of Technology Essay

The Development of Technology

The Influence of Modern Technology in Society

現代科技對社會發展影響 (達人級範文)

The most standard definition of technology is the application of science or perhaps knowledge to commerce and industry. A large number of fields of science have got benefited from technology, as well as commerce and industry within the many centuries of human history. Possibly the earliest well-known use of technology was in the Stone Age when the first blade or spade was made by a piece of rock or obsidian(n. 【礦】黑曜石). Technology has naturally come a long way since that time. The development and technology has changed into a very important element of people's lives. During the past couple of years, technology has grown in many ways and is probably great before. Individuals are always searching for something new that may improve their lives dramatically.

Technology, the use of science, is not limited to only physical applications and physical tools. Benefits may be achieved through the application of new methods of pondering or new insights in to the general knowledge base. The one in the biggest applications of this type is computers as well as the Internet. Although computers are tangible (a. 可觸知的; 有形的) items, their very own ability to conduct basic pondering processes considerably faster enables organization and trade to proceed much more efficiently. The Internet does not have any tangible component(n. 零部件;元件) yet it has altered the life of virtually every person on the planet. Info is available to anyone with get in the matter of (=several) moments and is also up to date(adj. 最新的) and supplies real time info on events around the globe. Even conversation has been totally changed by the Internet. Not only can letters be sent through the Internet, although pictures, audio and video information can even be sent too.

Technology provides an understanding, and an appreciation pertaining to the world around us. Most contemporary technological procedures produce undesirable by products in addition to the ideal products, which is known as...