Essay regarding The Fall of Rome

The Fall of Rome

The Fall of Ancient rome DBQ

By simply: Madison Fletcher

Rome build one of the greatest empires on the globe, by 120A. D. they'd control over three continents. The Roman Empire fell due to economic, gardening, and govt problems. Two Emperors Constantine and Diocletian tried to conserve the disposition and separation into the eastern and traditional western empires. The western disposition fell in 486B. C., even though the eastern disposition fell a thousand years afterwards. Rome's development led to the fall because as it widened their was obviously a lot more terrain to cover but not as much males were guarding each border, resulting in attacks on the weakened borders. Too the enlargement also resulted in the fall of The italian capital by Rome being to dependent on operate from bordering cities, this kind of made it unmanageable.

The Both roman Expansion droped due to too many people coming into The italian capital, some who had been not as faithful. This induced not enough military at each border, which allowed invaders to attack the weak boundaries. Rome expansion included the next territories: All Italy, The country of spain, Adriatic Sea, Greece, and Gaul, (document 1). Once Rome separation into two empires, the western disposition was the 1st to land as its restrictions were weakened and offered enemies a plus. The Huns are " extremely swift and unexpected in their actions, they spread... spread chaos over great plains”(document 4). The Huns are very harmful and are very sneaky, and so the author is suggesting they are a very strong army and going to be very hard to defeat When the Huns attacked they will never assaulted rome, that they moved into Gaul and the Visigoths attacked Ancient rome and overthrew the traditional western Empire. The Visigoths and Huns planned how to assault Rome, they moved in from Africa, Spain, Gaul, and European countries and proceeded to go straight into Ancient rome breaking down its weak borders(document 5). The Roman poor barriers can be symbolized through this document, showing how convenient it is to strike Rome with access inside those fragile boundaries.

Rome's expansion likewise caused the empire to fall due to trade. Rome's spot...