The Book Thief Essay

The Book Thief

The Book Robber

By Markus Zusak

Provided to: Ms. Graham

Written by: Laura Daunais

March 20th 2012


In the new The Book Thief authored by Markus Zusak, words have a huge impact on persons. Everything that is going on in the world changes the way in which that the character types are and how they interact with specific situations. In this dissertation the reader can understand about how the character types are the majority of affected by words and phrases, these 3 characters are Liesel, a girl who also moved to Munich as a foster child, Maximum a Judaism man who also hides him self from the universe for the majority of his your life, and Hitler the expert behind every one of the brutal events in Philippines. Throughout this essay the reader will have a better understanding of the impact that words and phrases may have got on people.

Liesel's a new girl having been deserted by her mother, certainly not by choice but since she could not afford to keep her or her small brother through the war. So , she dispatched them to a little town known as Munich, although only Liesel ended up going. Her buddy was extremely sick, and didn't make it within the train. It had been very hard for Liesel previously, so when ever her brother had died she really felt only. She resided on Himmel Street with Hans and Rosa Hubberman; the first couple of weeks were extremely tough for Liesel. Every night she'd wake up by in a scream, because she kept on having nightmares regarding her tiny brother. It had been haunting her, and the girl had not a way out of it. When Hans might hear her scream during nighttime, he would rush over to her room to calm her down. He then started examining books with her, Liesel never knew the right way to write or read, therefore when Hans started teaching her she was happy.