Teenager Stereotypes Essay

Teenager Stereotypes

Culture today stereotypes teenagers in such a way that every adolescent seems to be willing to be awful. In my opinion, contemporary society bases all their stereotypes for the teens offered into connection with as well as the ones that stand out from the rest. Teenagers are believed to be obnoxious and ignorant; which will also connections in with bluff. People assume that teens are rebellious, immature, and difficulty for their father and mother. People usually think teenagers are violent, reckless, and lazy. Every time a person thinks of teens, they think of a person who is merely looking for a chance to go against and a strict eyesight should be kept on them. Nevertheless , not all teenagers are like that. Some may fall into the afore mentioned criteria, nevertheless many usually do not. Many teens are adult and act their age. They will don't be trouble for their parents; actually most of them are their parent's favourites. Just like my relative, who is the model little girl. Many teens are also respectful of their parents and other people. They are – we are – well behaved, such as most of Loretto Colleges' students. This further proves the idea that not most teens' get caught in the stereotypical category. Thinking in a stereotype has its disadvantages. First of all, nobody loves being evaluated because of a belief. Nobody desires to be known as someone all their not. Teenagers want their voice observed and with these stereotypes, however nobody's listening because they may want to. So the teenagers rebel, which in turn just demonstrates to all others that their ideas of teens are right; this can be a vicious circuit. These stereotypes are so common that, today teens feel that they, on the whole, are negative. For example , once teens happen to be asked why they did some thing, they answer with, " I'm a teenager, it's what I do. ” Every mature, nowadays, perceives teens since bad persons (" Handling Your Teen” books).