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1 Open Source Licensing

Open source licensing is resorted to by many sites. However this has certain legalities. Basically there might be an issue of copyright. Various other relevant problems are questions of enforceability on account of conflict of neighborhood legislation and international agreement. The legal rights of a programmer warranties and software pattents also needs to thorough study. a couple of Cyber Legal system

Internet creates virtual community. There are not any demarcated restrictions between the people that utilize the world wide web. The power extends to data, e-banking, web commerce, communication and so forth the technology is available to hacking, pornography, gambling, identity-theft etc . This requires understanding of legislation. Various concepts have been evolved to decide the jurisdiction. To note (1) lowest contest test (2) personal jurisdiction (3) long arm statutes. With regards to Indian circumstance section seventy five of Information Technology Act, 2000 contents the provisions relating to jurisdiction. Section 13(3), (4) and (5) also manage cause of actions which is of significance in internet transactions.

Legal system can also be selected the basis of preference of law, location of server, defendant's domicile, and place of overall performance of deal, plaintiff's appartement and purposeful availment. several Andhra Pradesh Tax Case

Dubious techniques of a prominent businessman coming from Andhra Pradesh was uncovered after representatives of the division got hold of personal computers used by the accused person. The owner of a plastics company was busted and Rs 22 crore cash was recovered by his property by sleuths of the Vigilance Department. They will sought evidence from him regarding the unaccounted money within week. В The accused person submitted 6th, 000 vouchers to prove the legitimacy of operate and believed his offence would go undiscovered but after careful scrutiny of discount vouchers and articles of his computers this revealed that all of them were made following the raids were conducted. В

It later...