Essay about Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom

The expressionistic film " Strictly Ballroom” composed by Baz Luhrmann is about the spectacle of ballroom dance. Tough not necessarily in a textual sense, the film is usually not purely about ball room grooving but also a " microcosm of society”. Moreover the contradictory makes within the world and the use of image to mediate interpersonal relations. This kind of piece as well fits in perfectly with Person Debord's " the society of the spectacle”. Debord's function is a critique of modern capitalism. But specifically for our reasons a critique of image as a form of cultural control.

Debord had written in his aphoristic style that social associations are mediated by an image, the image for being an accumulation of things and the omnipresent mediation of cultural relations simply by image is the spectacle. This kind of core analyst of tradition in their particular also relates to the human relationships in Strictly Ballroom. The way in which someone dresses and dances is their particular image and that mediates the way they conduct human relationships in the micro-society.

The spectacle commences. The starting stages present itself like a fairy tale, the very first thing we see is definitely the red hang and " Strictly Ballroom” written want it was used straight from a Children's typical. This technique can be used to let people know they can be watching a good tale, a spectacle. The first we come across of the characters is them awaiting competition, exuberant for the coming contest. The fonder shows these people in the older black and white style display, again a great idealised vision, a collection of graphic. Scot, Liz and the other couple take to floor. The composer alterations the colour by a back and white apologue presentation to a more harsh light. This system makes the ballet dancers look significantly less attractive jointly with over completed make up and costumes. The ugliness with the spectacle manifests itself right here, though the race fans (dancers included) are unable to place this as they are taken in right at the end goal, the ‘need'.

The ballroom dancers including Jeff and Liz are living...