Stirrings of Revolt inside the New World Article

Stirrings of Rise ? mutiny in the New World

Stirrings of Revolt

The Stamp Work Crisis

1 . Effects of the Stamp Take action

2 . Virginia Resolves

3. Sons of Liberty – Did not wish to dedicate acts of violence against anyone some. Parliament Retreats (Declaratory Act)

The Townshend Plan – 1767

1 . Colonial Reaction to the Quartering Work (The NEW YORK Suspending Act) 2 . Internal (Direct tax) and External taxes (Indirect Tax) (The Revenue Act) – The intent with the tax is the reason why colonists crazy 3. Imperialiste Boycotts

The Boston Massacre 1770

1 . Competition pertaining to scarce job

2 . Samuel Adams

The Philosophy of Revolt

1 . Oppositionists in britain

2 . England's Balanced Metabolism

3. Electronic versus Real Representation

4. The colonial notion of shared capabilities (federalism)

your five. Believe in limited monarchy

Public Advantage – Emphasis in workplace should be in greater great The Tea Excitement

1 . Revolutionary Discourse

2 . The Gaspee Event (1772)

a few. The Tea Act of 1773

4. The Boycott of Tea

5. The Daughters of Liberty

6th. The Sons of Freedom

British Tea Trade makes a monopoly in the colonies – Remove the middleman so that they sell directly to groupe The Coercive or Intolerable Acts – Reaction to Tea Party

1 ) Boston Dock Act

installment payments on your Massachusetts Government Act – Thomas Gauge, he was a general so it was military secret 3. Supervision of Justice Act – If an official kills somebody then they happen to be tried in England 4. Subdivision Act

The Quebec, canada , Act

1 . Purpose

2 . Colonial Response

3. Help to make Roman Catholicism religion in colonies

The Initially Continental Our elected representatives

1 . The Suffolk Resolves

2 . The Continental Connection

three or more. The " trimmers”

Via distance to Rebellion

1 . Dealing with weavers and Tories

2 . Business of militias

several. Lexington and Concord

The second Continental Our elected representatives

1 . Thoughts about freedom

2 . The Olive Part Petition – Cease flames, peace

3. The Continental Military and George Washington – Had earlier military knowledge, was from the South, and was committed 4. Uk Response

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