Steve Schwarzman Case Study Essay

Charlie Schwarzman Case Study

1 . How will you describe Stephen Schwarzman's individuality?

There are many qualities that make up Stephen Schwarzman's individuality. He undoubtedly has a aggressive personality as they is target oriented and takes effort. He demonstrated this when he was in secondary school racing monitor and continued to display this kind of in his adult life via staying up all night to complete a schedule before a meeting the next day to leading and directing various employees under him. Though he may have made mistakes along the way, he remained eager to do well and deliver and was not afraid to take action. I may necessarily see him since an uninhibited, outgoing that is incredibly outgoing; alternatively he is a great assertive however calm and understanding head. He is certainly emotionally steady as he has become able to have direction and criticism and grow and learn as a result of equally. He is equally a responsible and careful individual who prefers to postpone deadlines right up until he is absolutely sure he has made the right decision.

2 . In accordance with concepts you may have just learn about, what traits and characteristics would identify the " ideal” Blackstone candidate? Describe your rationale for selecting every characteristic.

Blackstone appears to be the type of organization that depends seriously on group work, diligence, and attention to detail. Schwarzman reveals to his fresh employees that it must be most important to get the job done right, not merely get the job done. This individual promotes and team work and motivates employees to provide and look for help to and from others. Working for a company like that requires a certain form of person. The perfect candidate can be outgoing and sociable, that are both extremely important traits the moment working in clubs. These employees need to be in a position to converse and interact with the other person in constructive and effective ways, and these qualities will help them do so. We also think it is crucial that prospects are curious and open minded. They need to be operational to new ideas and also have an passion to...