Essay about Steel Industry in Thailand

Steel Industry in Thailand

Metal Industry in Thailand offers various type of product. From this report, we mainly target in " Metal Sheet 0r Roof” industry. You will discover 4 companies that we have picked which are Permsin Steel Work Co. Ltd.,

Munkong Steel Company,

Thai Syncon and Supplies Co. Ltd. and

SV Metal Universe Company.

We now have got a high cooperation coming from these four interviewed firms. " Roof structure Steel” market has rich in competitive atmosphere due to the low of competitive rivalry. You will find 3 amounts that can measure the size of every single company plus the position in the market 1 . Earnings more than one particular, 000-2, 000 million Baht about 3-5 companies 2 . Revenue around 100-600 million Baht regarding 10 businesses 3. Income less than 95 million Baht and features about over 100 businesses. Also, the merchandise is likewise. There just one or two thing which will make them unlike each other peoples e. g. delivery. Therefore , they compete with each other in many ways such as selling price competition, top quality of merchandise competition. To survive in the industry, all the companies must be adaptable and keep improving both equally internal and external business. Moreover, to fulfill customer require is also being one of the key elements to achievement because the advertising is changing overtime. Also, to get the consumers loyalty and make them to perform the re-purchase are very vital that you survive. Sector Profile1

The steel industry is a powerful, innovative sector, which is regularly adapting and refining alone to become even more competitive on the market. The market does this by developing new, improved metal grades and production types of procedures that produce better plus more cost-effective catalog for changing marketplace. Steel is a key material in promoting economic expansion as it is crucial in the creation of facilities, construction materials, building, transfer, machinery and consumer merchandise. Thai steel industry is extremely sensitive and plays an essential role inside the Thai economic climate, but in the entire year 2005, the decline of Thai economical has an result to the metallic industry because the following: Following your declination of Thai monetary, at the 12 months 2007, Thailand's had decided to join the ASEAN member. After being one of the ASEAN associates, it makes the export to 2 . seventy nine million loads, up by 2 . three or more million considerations. And Asia was the greatest importer of iron and steel items from japan with total volume of 4 million soucis in 3 years ago. Thai metal market 2005-8, with an average steel consumption growth of 16% a year. The entire in earlier 3 years, the industry quite be have an effect on by the economic crisis. The economic growth offers decreased every industry to limit all their expansion and investment which usually lead to less building inside the asset. This kind of made the entire industry slept still not really growth which will made the industry could hardly expand and more in investment. For the steel roof structure for regular factory portion, the problems the industry experienced are the higher price competitive due to the similar in the product. Likewise, another is actually the low entry barriers which can make other people who interested in the sector come in so easily. Pertaining to the excessive –end employed segment, the challenge that industry has encountered was fewer than ordinary manufacturer segment mainly because customer would focus more on the top quality of the item than the cost. However , this kind of segment provides limited inside the number of clients due to the smaller number when ever compare with regular factory part. draw:rect (All graphs are shown in appendix)

SV Metal World

SV Metal Globe Company began in March 2009. The establishers are Mr. Sukrit N. and Mrs. VimolmasN. They both had been Taking care of director of Napoom Engineer Company, SV Electronic Company, Siam Color Sheet Company and Permsin Steel World Company Limited. Now, they are owners of SV Material World Organization and PJM Supply Company which conduct business in field of set up NGV Gas for cars. SWOT Analysis


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