Essay regarding Spanish Ethnic Project

Spanish Cultural Task

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Natosha Scott

14, Mar 2012

Spanish 101A

Ethnic report

Not long ago i attended my personal friend's daughters Quinceanera. Is it doesn't first Quinceanera I have been to since I had been in the 9th grade (22 years ago). Back then, after i attended my own friend's Quinceanera, in my mind We compared this to the American birthday celebration: " The Fairly sweet 16. ” I thought it was the Latin edition of the same kind, only famous at age 12-15 instead of 16. However , after attending a Quinceanera once again, 22 years later I realized it culturally represents so much more than I had noticed in the 9th grade. " Alina es mi major amiga. " So naturally I helped her plan her earliest daughter's Quinceanera. This is how I became conscious of the differences involving the Latin Quinceanera and the American Sweet 18. Quinceanera's are centered on customs. One custom is that the birthday girl would wear a white-colored dress to symbolize her chastity. Another incredibly sweet custom is if the father slipping off the daughters flat dress shoes and replaces them with high heel shoes. This is a representation of any father's popularity that his daughter is no longer a child, although a woman. I was so taken by how symbolic this traditions is that I have to do the same at my daughters Sweet sixteen. The Quinceanera is so significant and valued that members of the family sponsor elements of the fiesta to spread the cost about; a Nice 16 is paid for by 2

father and mother only. We learned so many things about the Latin lifestyle while helping plan this Quinceanera. The family genuinely bands with each other to make a girls Quinceanera the best it can be. The Quinceanera is truly a gesture of the girl blossom set stage into a girl; it is not simply a birthday party with a fancy dress, foodstuff and music. The modification of how a father looks at his little girl before and after the Quinceanera is a point of the whole special event. She will become viewed as women, not a child. A Nice 16 comes from the traveling age of of sixteen and is not really viewed as a transformation from years as a child to...