Essay about Site Analysis

Site Analysis


1 ) If we appear the map of Peshawar we came to know that railway station, international airport and other five hotels happen to be within thirty minutes drive through the site, therefore the site is feasible in macro level. 2 . You will discover two types of architectural designs in Peshawar. The architecture towards the primary city is very detailed and classical whilst towards the fresh localities we all observe modern structures of concrete. Since our site is located in the modern locality of recent structures therefore the architectural design should be modern day using cement with brick to create harmony in the architecture of the adjacent.


1 ) The site is situated at the travel distance of 20-30 mins from all the parts of the city. 2 . The website is accessible easily from the upcoming airport and the people coming from the old Peshawar city. 3. Travel range from the international airport is half an hour.

4. The site is on the jamrud highway and is during hayatabad as well as the 5. The spot is very relaxing and noise free.

six. The area is usually far away in the pollution.

7. The region is easily attainable from the metropolis centre while public vans and busses travel through this road when going to hayatabad. All the main schools and universities will be constructed with this colony therefore it adds up to the importance of this site. 8. The site is not an agricultural terrain so you cannot find any waste of any gardening land. The project can help in making the internet site greener and environment friendly. 9. The site can be near the Peshawar University that can definitely help the facility to active in non function days.


Pitch and perform fields will probably be oriented along the east western axis so that the players have to face southern or north side quite often during the play. The main façade of the crickinfo stadium will probably be designed in this kind of a way to appeal to masses in the road and acts as a milestone of the site. Shopping location will be kept closer to the jamrud highway so that it is definitely clearly noticeable from outside the site and will attract people who also are interested in this shopping activity. The available theatre is going to act as difficulties activity area in the non event days and help the marketplace to be available in no activity days and nights. The site will help the people via hayatabad and also other colonies to interact.


1 ) The site is found along the route of Khyber firefox steam, therefore the site contains a big potential as a end for those travelling in safari vapor. 2 . Innovative housing strategies like Reggie Township are going to be constructed in future and the people of that area can benefit a whole lot from several activities inside the project. 3. It can be used since an fun space between your residents of Reggie Township and hayatabad housing society located simply opposite for the site.


1 . The outdoor pitches should be focused towards north-west to avoid nighttime sun getting into the eye of the players. 2 . The covered building should be protected north-south.

3. A lot of the outdoor activities should be placed towards main Khyber road. four. The area near the bus prevent should be large enough and at a distance from the road or perhaps parking to ensure that people approaching through public transport include a soothing result. 5. Various exits ought to be given.

6th. Towards the east is the commercial area and west and north is the residential area thus private areas should be on the west and building and parking needs to be placed towards the east.



As the direction of the wind within different a few months of the yr, it is important to examine the wind course especially in humid months, to be able to design consequently and provide into the building as much air circulation as possible by giving windows in the direction of the wind movement. The statistical analysis reveals the wind way throughout the year in Peshawar. A thorough study was carried out by the Peshawar...