Essay about Sip-Wood Sound off

Sip-Wood Bark

We. Introduction

A. Background of the study

We choose this analyze because we know that it is more unique and definitely will help all of us in lowering people who are reducing trees by simply illegal way. The people will be admired and you will be willing to purchase the hand-made newspaper if they will know that they may prevent the people who are doing illegal cutting. We should tell the people who are doing illegal cutting to halt it since our environment will probably be destroy if perhaps they even now continue to accomplish that. Instead, they should cut woods in great way and use it correctly. For example , is the fact we get an item of wood sound off of malunggay and make it as a hand-made conventional paper that can help the individuals to make boxes. They can use this to put issues in their homes so that they can maintain their surroundings clean. M. Statement with the Problem

The objective should be to find out what could be the tear power, texture of course, if it could be appropriate in the market. Of course, if will not damage our environment because of the wood bark of malunggay we get about malunggay tree. C. Relevance of the Study

The importance of this study is to stop the people who are doing illegitimate cutting that will damage or destroy our environment and nature. It can also support us to earn money that we can use intended for our daily expenditures. Even if the supplies are not pricy, it will be adored by people and they will always be willing to buy the hand-made conventional paper.

D. Scope and Restrictions

The insurance of this research, Recycled Wooden Bark of Malunggay because Hand-made Daily news is to surface finish it efficiently. Even though some of the materials are costly we need to acquire it to work on about our Science Investigatory Job. This research will give us all we need, the materials and procedure is additionally here. Most we need is within here in this Science Investigatory Project we now have chosen. We know that we have the correct choice for our S. I. P. mainly because we can help the people who are illegitimate cutting to work with or minimize trees in proper approach and not by simply illegal. And hope that people...