Significant of Teenage Being pregnant Essay

Significant of Teenage Motherhood

Young pregnancy difficulty

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Nowadays, The situation with kids and junior problem in Asia was intensified higher in every single side. The problem of unwanted sex and lack of familiarity with contraception between children and youth in Thailand was another trouble that has a tendency to severity and seriousness annually. One component which comes from the propagate of improper or obscene due to technology and media that have growth of any kind. The children and youth whom lack immunity for press consumption will imitation actions and cause such complications. So this factor effect for the behavior of teenagers in specific of sexual patterns and coupling premature lovemaking relationship. This can be a cause significant of adolescent pregnancy issue and also effect to different sides including physical, emotional, economic and social self and family members. ( Thailand's teenage motherhood rate may be the highest in Southeast Asia after border Laos, and also has the second highest pregnancy rate between 15- to 19-year-olds on the globe, after South Africa of based on the Bureau Reproductive Health in the Thai Public Health Ministry. The unplanned Teenage pregnancy is now a serious problem in many countries, including Asia. It creates a large number of related affects such as wellness, economic, cultural and social problems. It really is surprising that the rate of teenage motherhood increases annually. According to the records of the Overall health Department, it shows that the rate of young pregnancy in Thailand in April, 08 had improved to 16. 7%, even though the World Health Organization advised that it needs to be no greater than 7%. Some of the rate of teenage pregnancy is still uncertain and difficult being evaluated because the records of the Health Department contain only young mothers who would like to continue their pregnancy, will not include the charge of lawbreaker abortion. Therefore the actual rate of teen pregnancy...