Essay regarding Section two

Section 2

Section 2 – Understand the aim of health, security and safety procedures in a business environment

1 . Recognize employer and employee responsibilities for well being, safety and security.

Whenever possible, provide relevant health, security and safety policies / documents through your workplace (or place of study) to support the answer. These types of documents needs to be annotated to highlight the relevant sections.

The responsibilities of company for health insurance and safety are to make place of work safe, prevent risk to health, notify their staff any potential hazards from the work, chemical compounds and other chemicals used by the firm, and provide information, recommendations, training and supervision while needed also to ensure the proper warning signs are provided and well looked after.

Likewise, employee responsibilities would be to take reasonable care not to place other other employee and member of the population with what to complete and what not to do in the course of work. To report virtually any injuries, traces or illnesses suffer resulting from the work but not to hinder or wrong use anything that can be been presented to health and basic safety purposes. To also statement anything that may cause accident inside the work environment

Reliability responsibilities of employer and employee includes, keeping password protect, not giving any security password to an unauthorised person and in addition making sure that simply no vital details is left on the workplace or printing device without keeping them secure. Removing gear from vehicle overnight and searching the equipment space. The purpose of this is certainly to make organization environment secure.

2 . Describe the purpose of next health, safety and security procedures within a business environment.

Health, safety and security methods clarify who will be responsible for what so as to make sure that organisation has a steady composition that provide a safe, secure and well balanced business environment for everybody. Also, to avoid harm from occurring to employees while they are at the office. It does...