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 Essay about Rural Promoting

" Appearing opportunities in Rural Market 0f India”


Marketing Seminar 2012

Held at ITS Mohanagar in 2-3 03

Submitted simply by,

Krishna Kumar & Vikram Kumar Jaiswal

PGDM (2011-13)

emails: - [email protected] edu. in, [email protected] edu. in Contact number: Krishna-7827249697, vikram-8287948327

" Growing opportunities in Rural Marketplace of India”


‘India lives in villages' According to approximation of census 2011, 69% of the entire population of India lives in towns. Most of the national as well as worldwide corporations are attracting toward Indian rural market because its potential is still untapped.

* Research focus:

5. To know the emerging prospect in the country market.

* To know the various challenges while using rural marketplace. * Range of growth and expansion for different sector in countryside market. 2. Research methods:

5. Descriptive Analysis: The aim of our research is to have an accurate account of the persons, events and situations. There were clear view or photo of the trends being looked into before the data collection process is carried out. The emphasis is in describing instead of on judging or interpretation. * Findings of the exploration

Reasons for untapped market:

* Huge and Existing Market – This market can be large and scattered or in other words that it involves over 69 percent customers from 6. 4 lakhs villages. 2. Major Profits from Cultivation Sector – In Countryside sector the main source of income can be agriculture. Thus, the growth of rural sector depends upon the expansion of culture. * Compa?ero Economic Backwardness – Country consumers have got diverse socio-economic backwardness. 5. Low Lifestyle – The standard of living of buyer is low because of low income, low savings and social backwardness. * Conventional Outlook – Most of the customer in the countryside area happen to be of traditional nature. They do not want to modify their old customs and traditions. 2. Lack of...

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Rural Marketing
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