Romeo Plus Juliet CompareContrast Essay

Romeo Plus Juliet Compare/Contrast

Romeo and Juliet:

Comparison and Contrast paragraph

It is not surprise that the well-liked tragedy of affection Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare was adapted in a motion picture by Baz Luhrman in the year 99. Although the plot of the history was basically the same, the film variation showed several amounts of distinctions to the original play. For instance; the whole movie was modernized, there was missing detail in scenes, plus the last field was altered. Firstly, the film was performed up within a modern present-day like environment unlike the play, which usually took place in the Elizabethan time. Guns were used rather than swords, autos were applied instead of going for walks, and the film took place within a large town rather than a little town. Subsequently, the Capulet's party landscape is lacking Romeo's letdown of being turned down by Rosaline (Act 1, Scene five, Line 155). Rosaline's character is absent, and Romeo is proved to be upset coming from a cause that was under no circumstances mentioned inside the movie. Finally, the lover's death landscape was revised to the unique. After seeing Juliet at her tomb, Romeo drinks the poison and Juliet wakes up to see her husband perishing. Unlike the play version, Juliet and Romeo be able to share a final goodbye as he is not really already useless when the girl wakes up. Juliet then ends her your life by taking pictures a bullet through her head instead of a dagger to her heart. Many people have a mindset to believe that seeing a film version of a publication is the same as reading it. Nevertheless , in the case of Romeo and Juliet, there are many distinctions from the video compared to the publication. Although the two differentiate by each other, that they still notify the same story and retain the original English language dialogue.