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reliance electricity

Reliance Electrical power

Reliance Electric power


To attain global best practices and become a leading power generating business.

To attain excellence in project setup, quality, stability, safety and operational efficiency.

To relentlessly go after new possibilities, capitalizing on synergies in the electrical power generation sector.

To consistently improve our competitiveness and deliver profitable growth.

To train highest requirements of company governance and become a monetarily sound company.

As a responsible corporate citizen growing human beliefs and concern for culture.

To further improve the lives of local community in all our projects.

To be a partner in country building and contribute towards India's financial growth.

To promote a work culture that fosters learning, individual growth, team soul and creative imagination to get over challenges and attain desired goals.

To encourage ideas, talent and value devices and become company of choice.

To gain the trust and self confidence of all stakeholders, exceeding all their expectations.

To uphold the guiding principles of trust, ethics and openness in all aspects of interactions and dealings.


To develop a global enterprise for all our stakeholders

To be the major private sector power technology company in India

To be the most significant hydro power generation business in India

As the largest green power company in India

To be the most significant coal exploration company in India


Reliance Electric power


Lowering of Cost of Power Technology

We intend to continue our focus on lowering the cost of power generation by acquiring and developing attentive fuel sources that will insulate us from the volatility on the market price of fuel and will thus leveraging our operating efficiencies. Such a push is seeking economies of scale, acquiring favorable funding and writing resources among our different power projects and with our affiliates.

Making sure Fuel Supply

Securing enough supplies of fuel is crucial to the accomplishment of a electrical power project. To ensure fuel secureness, we always take proactive steps to ensure access to satisfactory coal supplies domestically and globally by purchasing additional offshore opportunities which might be a strategic match our organization. While we certainly have secured fuel supplies intended for our entire coal-fired collection, we will certainly continue to try to control the entire supply string to ensure continuing and uninterrupted availability and control costs.

Focusing on Electricity Deficit Areas

We plan to locate the power jobs and get into off-take arrangements in electric power deficit areas that typically support higher market-wide charges. We can continue to put emphasis our off-take arrangements within the Western and Northern areas of India, which usually we believe will certainly comprise the bulk of power demand in India. We also intend to emphasis our vendor off-take revenue in these two regions to derive better returns about power made from our assignments.

Establishing a great Optimal Mix of Off-take Arrangements

We plan to continue to pursue an optimum mix of lengthy and short-term PPAs to reduce the risks and maximize results for our shareholders. To get power projects situated nearer to load centers, we have entered into and will always enter into a mixture of long and short-term PPAs to achieve a well-balanced portfolio. To get power assignments located in various other locations, we all intend to carry on and focus on long term PPAs. Further more, we want to continue to preserve a significant 2

Reliance Electrical power

portion of vendor power within our portfolio to be given favorable rates in the electricity spot market.

Targeting Additional Revenue Sources

We are definitely pursuing opportunities to target extra revenue sources, including selling off carbon credits and take flight ash. The Sasan, Krishnapatnam, Chitrangi and Tilaiya electric power projects will probably be eligible for the CDM rewards as a result of the...

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Reliance Electrical power

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