Registration Program Essay

Registration Program


March 2013


Drive 2013

Authorization Sheet

This system proposal entitled " Automated Property Transportation Office Registration System”. This system was focused on the advance and advancement the registration process. It might help to reduce the process of the registration and updating by hand. And also, we could aiming a paperless purchase. Through the use of the said system the staff will be benefited since the registration consequence will be automatically save and record to its data source system.


We would like to convey our sincere gratitude towards the following corporations and individuals: Mr. Juan Dela Jones, LTO Lipa Office, pertaining to the sources and holiday accommodation; Land Travel Office (LTO) office that provided all of us information flow and deal; Mrs. May well Lim pertaining to allowing us to make their home our study place; Ms Shiela Sy for giving us the knowledge and components needed; Mrs Ana Controversia Co to get the format purposes;

To our friends, family and much more who lent all their helping hands, Most and foremost, to Almighty Our god for giving us the skills and the willpower to continue the project using our potential.


We commit our task to our family members, friends and instructors, who were always in our area to encourage and add courage. Thank you very much.

Business Summary

This task attempts to do transaction in LTO less difficult, faster and convenient. Searching back with the current position on how LTO officer will their organization is to some degree not nice. Currently people transacting with them uses a long time ahead of getting done. Several lines of people normally exists in the office, a lot of staffs tackle these people in whose transaction will be for new permit application and renewal of license. It will take a lot of time for staffs to attend into a single consumer since the jobs are all carried out manually( information were created on documents and finding this documents usually take some time as they have to search for records manually and finally more mistakes). This task then, includes the use of an electric registration system with the objective to: keep a record of registration when it comes to monitoring and updating data: provide an convenient, efficient and ergonomically designed database: but not the least although a system competent of future upgrade. Record handling and safekeeping are addressed by providing an internal data source. Needed annonces are already identified; staff would just fill in needed annonces to make the purchase easy and is then saved in the database. Same information will be accessed when updating is important to be completed or when records are no longer of use for storing these people. The recommended registration product is designed within user-friendly formatting that minimal training to users and staffs will be enough to create them speedy, efficient and happy with the effort they are doing.

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Chapter1 Advantages

The present day technology will be used today. It may be in communication or perhaps transaction. It really is widely used for its convenience, efficiency, and made the work easier. Manual process offers complex be employed by everyone and a lot difficult to keep up with the documents. As a system implements it develop and aid people to optimally capable from the transaction. The central reason for this project is to use the modern technology in...

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