Reflective composition -Counselling period

Reflective essay -Counselling session


In this refractive essay Let me provide an evaluation of the counselling session I actually conducted and recorded. This will include a overview of the session. I will also describe the micro and advanced counselling skills utalised, as well as a crucial evaluation with their effectiveness. A discussion of my own application of having these skills, as well as regions of possible improvement will supported by reference to relevant literature.

Summary of the program.

Leesa is actually a 37-year-old female who I use seen around four months previously. In the previous session Leesa spoke of her frustrations at the job and of her hopes of securing a campaign. Leesa's display was one of lethargy according to someone who was suffering feelings of depressive disorder. I started out the treatment by welcoming the client and reminding her of the confidentiality agreement. Leesa had previously worked inside the hospitality industry but described that acquired decided to terminate her career after becoming overlooked for any promotion. In addition, she explained that she got felt deficiencies in fairness and respect from her employer and fellow employees. Since leaving her position in hospitality Leesa had wanted employment by using a agency that gives office work options. Leesa discussed that she had acquired four distinct jobs in earlier times three months and this she was experiencing a similar feeling of being disrespected. Leesa spoke of experiencing too little of self-confidence at the moment and a feeling of being caught up as well as aggravation and uncertainness around her future path. However the consumer was able to see that she would like to be more fiscally secure, experience respected at work and to acquire a greater sense of confidence. Leesa spoke of a period when your woman enjoyed her work and private life even more, and was able to relate some of the key distinctions that written for her sense more respected and confident generally. The client determined that she'd like to seek alternative career that allowed her to try to get grater responsibility and that included less travelling. Leesa presumed that her employment company may be able to aid her, yet admitted that she was not discerning regarding the varieties of roles that she had taken recently as a result of her finances. She also unveiled that she had been separating due to her current way of thinking. Accepting a homework concern Leesa agreed to approach a few friends to verify that she could catch up with these people at the subsequent weekend. She also agreed to make a list of the sorts of jobs that she felt the lady was competent for and believed that she can achieve a better feeling of responsibility and esteem. Leesa stated that she would way her employment agency to verify if they could help, and that she would bring her list to another counseling treatment.

Counselling expertise application.

Showing upon the counseling period it is obvious that I utalised a range of conversational mini skills.

Attending Behaivour

Hackney & Cormier (2009) & McLeod (2007), clarify that a counsellor leads by using the client, which is done by motivating the client to share their story using verbal and nonverbal encouragers. Another way to explain what attending is that it permits the client to continue talking with minimal being interrupted (Armstrong, 2006). When watching the recorded period I could watch numerous events where samples of attending behaivour are present. One example is my pose was peaceful and I leant forward. My personal tone of voice was moderate and consistent, and i also maintained eye contact. I continuously nodded my head and aid " mm hmm or, oh really”. This combination of skills presented that I was interested and empathetic to what the client was saying. Likewise Egan (2010) describes a powerful guideline to get turning into clientele as displayed by a great acronym: FRECUENTAR, which is important in the beginning of any guidance session. This implies;

S - face the customer squarely

To - keep open position

L - lean for the...

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