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1 . Aluminium hydroxide upon thermal decomposition gives aluminium oxide and water installment payments on your Iron (iii) oxide acts with carbon dioxide forming straightener and carbonmonoxide 3. Hydrogen peroxide acts with business lead sulphide creating lead sulphate and drinking water 4. Li (symbol) reacts with nitrogen building lithium nitride

a few. Nickel sulphate reacts with sodium phosphate to form dime phosphate and sodium sulphate 6. Sterling silver oxide reacts with hydrogen peroxide to form silver, normal water and o2 7. Hydrogen combines wuth oxygen to get nitrogen oxide and water eight. Aluminium o2 combines with sodium to form aluminium and sodium o2 9. Calcium supplement chloride reacts with drinking water to give calcium mineral hydroxide and hydrogen chloride 10. Sodium hydroxide reacts with carbondioxide forming salt carbonate and water Maths:

If you want you can do this or search in google for different methods OBJECTIVE: -

To verify the Pythagoras theorem by method of Paper Folding, Reducing and Pasting


Pythagoras theorem: - That states that in a correct angled triangular, the square of the largest side (Hypotenuse) is equal to the amount of the pieces of the other two sides(Perpendicular as well as the base).


• Area of a Rectangular

• Building of Seite an seite lines and Perpendicular bisectors • Development of a Right triangle


Coloured Newspaper, A pair of Scissors, Geometry field, Sketch Pens, Fevicol


1) Cut out the right angled triangle ABC, with sides AC=8cm, AB=10cm, BC=6cm. 2) Lower 3 pieces of proportions 6cm back button 6cm, 8cm x 8cm and 10cm x 10cm. 3) Place these potager on the sides of the triangular ABC related to the sides of the sq. 4) Today join the the gauche of the sq placed on the perpendicular and also the base, claim perpendicular. 5) Throught the intersection point of the diagonals draw a line seite an seite to the foundation of the Hypotenuse AB of triangle DASAR. 6) Right now draw perpendicular bisector with the line section drawn inside square...