Opinion Poll and Strong Public Judgment Research Conventional paper

Opinion Vote and Solid Public Judgment

FRQ: General public Opinion

Public view polls are a way to link the public with elected representatives. Members of Congress generally use forms to understand the views with their constituents, nevertheless they must also focus on other political considerations. a. Identify two characteristics of your valid, technological, public view poll. n. Explain for what reason each of the pursuing enhances the influence of open public opinion on the voting decisions of members of Congress.

• Good public thoughts and opinions as expressed in polling results

• Competitive re-elections

c. Make clear why all the following limits the impact of open public opinion on the voting decisions of associates of Our elected representatives.

• Legislators' voting records

• Party leadership

six points

Part (a): 2 items

1 point can be earned for every correct id of a feature of a valid, scientific community opinion poll. Acceptable characteristics may include this: • Randomized sample

• Consultant sample

• Query wording (unbiased, unambiguous)

• Huge sample size/low margin of error

Part (b): 2 factors

One particular point is earned for any correct justification of why each of the following enhances the impact of general public opinion for the voting decisions of members of Our elected representatives. • Solid public view as stated in polling results

o Due to desire to get reelected/electoral aspirations o As a result of perceived obligation/duty to represent their constituents • Competitive reelections o Due to desire to receive reelected

Part (c): 2 points

A single point is usually earned for the correct explanation of for what reason each of the following limits the influence of public judgment on the voting decisions of members of Congress. • Legislators' voting records o To avoid getting perceived as indecisive by voters/supporters

• Party management: o In order to avoid the risk of burning off party support o To get party support

A score of zero (0) is assigned to an response that is experimented with but earns no factors. A score of dashboard (—) can be...