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Gilgamesh Essay. 10/17/11 Epics just like Gilgamesh, have been completely around to get a very long time. Actually Gilgamesh is one of the oldest epics in the world. Getting so outdated, it seems thus unrealistic alive today. When the story is definitely read, it is difficult to believe and understand that a few of the things stated in the impressive actual occurred. " Two thirds is God and 1 / 3rd is man" (page 142). Some examples of unrealistic everything is that the heroes have animal-like features, and go on missions for eternal life. It appears as though such nonsense. Gilgamesh is a totally unrealistic story that will not relate to life today.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a very unrealistic to todays the military spouse can few causes. First of all, you will find not things such as 1/3 gentleman an 2/3 God. Also there are zero such things as monsters coming from the forest to battle. Seems pretty unrealistic. Some of the things Gilgamesh says inside the epic appear to be a bunch of non-sense. " For I am Gilgamesh, who also seized and killed the bull of heaven" (page 143). Another point is that inside the epic, the characters are God, or hero, and it's not everyday you hear somebody being called a hero or perhaps God prior to their initial name.

One more why Gilgamesh is unrealistic to actual life, is that the action of Gilgamesh going on a quest for eternal lifestyle. In the legendary, Gilgamesh moves on a search for find eternal life. Even though he ends up finding out that there is no such thing since eternal existence, people probably would not do that now-a-days. The things that Gilgamesh encounters in the journey seem to be pretty ridicules as well. He comes across things like the scorpion man, list

Humbaba, the bull of heaven, and the flood. " With the initially light of dawn”, a black cloud came from the horizon; this thundered inside the Adad, god of the thunderstorm was operating (page 147). It's very hard to believe one person could perform all that.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is very unrealistic alive today. Some people might believe that it and understand though. From being1/3 man, 2/3 God, to...