Market Research of Pigeon-Pea in Orissa Essay

Market Evaluation of Pigeon-Pea in Orissa

Market Analysis Of Pigeonpea

A written report

Submitted Simply by: Debojyoti Chakraborty Dhruv Narang

Institute of Rural Managing, Anand

Submitted to: PRADAN, Rayagada

Launch The present report aims to understand the market cordons and benefit chain of Pigeonpea in Rayagada area, by interviewing farmers, retailers, middlemen and millers, especially in the markets of Mukundpur, Ramanaguda and Rayagada. Simply by trying to understand all the market dynamics included from its pick till it is purchase, we also aimed to learn more about the subsequent:

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The prices and profit margins associated with every single level of the worth chain. The quantities associated with each degree of the value chain. The power set ups present in the industry dynamics. Role of the federal government in the worth chain, and the gap between its procedures and their earth implementation. Position of transport in the worth chain. Require and Supply of Pigeonpea inside the area. Position of information or misinformation in each level.

While some from the above problems presented themselves clearly, a lot of remained unclear, even as all of us tried desperately to find reliable data. It had been tough to triangulate all of our studies, as some information remained imprecise, partly due to the volatile character of the pigeonpea market, and partly as a result of deliberate false information. We have pointed out these mistakes while credit reporting our results. Findings and Analysis Pigeon-pea is known by various titles across the country. In North India, it is known as toor daal. The grain is called Gandule in Orissa, and many other parts of India. It is believed to be a native Of india pulse, which is a very abundant source of protein, and features high vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it doesn't have very high input requirements, in terms of dirt fertility and irrigation. As mentioned above, we attempted to understand the value chain of Pigeon-Pea throughout the markets of Mukundpur, Ramanaguda and Rayagada, and we visited them in this order. The present report will cross research each marketplace and try to paint a complete photo of the worth chain. Each of our first make an effort was to figure out all the stakeholders in the benefit chain. After triangulating our information among markets, development workers by different organisations including PRADAN, retailers and agents, we're able to understand the pursuing process: Every village includes a designated Konta, who collects the pick from everybody in the town, and provides the link between the village and the industry. This konta is usually designated by a flag or a adhere erected outdoors his residence. A local agent contacts the konta of every village, and

offers an amount based on the quantity of harvest that village is offering. After contracting the collect, the local agent links this to a sahukar, who gathers it, either from the godown of the neighborhood agent, if perhaps such is present, or straight from the house in the konta. Occasionally, another pair of hands ties the value chain, as the area agent provides it simply to a small sahukar, who then simply links that to a big sahukar, who also purchases the harvest with the entire region. We predicted that the sahukar who purchases the harvest of the whole region would sell it for the nearest generators, which we found out were in Rayagada and Bhakurguda. The one in Rayagada had a capacity about 300-400 quintals per day, although the one in Bhakurguda a new capacity of around 50-100 quintals per day. Yet , it turns out that majority of the Gandule manufactured in the area won't stay in Orissa at all. It can be taken by the top sahukars to Andhra Pradesh, across the close by border, and since many of them are certainly not legal and licensed brokers and transporters, they often evade excise work while crossing the edge. Why the majority of the produce does not go to the local mill and instead finds its way to Andhra Pradesh is an important query, which all of us will get to later. Initial we is going to fully check out the local industry dynamics. To aid this, following is a diagrammatic representation from the...