Essay on Magic, Witchcraft, Religion

Magic, Witchcraft, Religion

Magic, Witchcraft, and Religious beliefs Essay

Chapter 5, in the book, " Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion really made me think more regarding different kind of religions that are out in the earth and beliefs that I did not know about. This kind of Chapter five, about medicines and faith, made me actually thing and understand other peoples sights of religion. Theoretically, I may believe anything at all in the Phase and I miss how persons relate medicines ( that we believe may be the devils product) with a religious beliefs. I guess their something they believe in so in retrospect it's a faith. The phase made me better understand that religious beliefs and magic can be a range of things. The reading offered me the realizing that if you have confidence in something and do it for any certain reason such as Coleridge, who had taken opium for a toothache after which became dependent on the medicine, according to Lehmann 184, then it is ok and is also a religion or perhaps magic. I think that is really stupid. The chapter made me understand a lot of things about faith and magic, but Now i am not sure in the event that I'm interpreting the reading in the right way. Phase 5 stated to me which the use of drugs is a religious beliefs or magic and that it can be ok to work with. Drugs prefer help people with problems in their life according to the reading in Section 5. Prescription drugs are like magic it helps you keep going in your life, it helps with depression, it can help with anxiety, it causes you to feel more complete, all of these are factors of using drugs. Prescription drugs just make you really feel like a totally completely different and free person. Before My spouse and i read this Phase I'm feel that religions are all good things and magic was bad things. However , by simply reading this information regarding drugs and religion My spouse and i learned to learn that faith is not always going to always be something great or something special in God. Everyone has a different presentation of religion. Here in this phase they explained that faith was a positive thing and could be applied with a mix of substances, prescription drugs....