Madman In the Hammer Composition

Madman With the Hammer

Miriam Pereda

Professor Rubin

ENG 101-108

Drive 24, 2014

Juan Clímaco Basombrío Pendavis was 19 years old, when on 7 July, 2001 became the hammer " Loco", following shredding the top with his sludge hammer teenager Alexandra Brenes Hague (16) and leaving in a coma a maid Traslado Merino Albuquerque (28). In addition , that fateful night he wounded his two close friends, in a House of Grooved. Climaco, since all his friends of " Santa claus María" university, knew him attended Sabbath family residence Brenes Hagues, Calle Las Trinitarias 75 in Chacarilla, to meet with Sebastian (18), brother of Alexandra, and Carlos Lescano Méndez (19), they were rehearsing with his band of rock " Huge batch popcorn". According to the police, this individual first bombarded with a sludge hammer employee Merino (28) and after that went on toto Alexandra. In his statement, the killer explained: I struck it while using hammer inside the nape of the neck. I actually dragged her by the passageway to bedroom and the girl continued crying and moping. Hit and keep capped the face with a cushioning. " A police officer in control of the case stated: " it absolutely was bloody. We were holding 44 photos that struck her in the head. " He then known as to Sebastián Brenes and attacked him, but the shouts of the sufferer alerted Carlos Lescano, who managed to steer clear of Climacot". Several men were needed to control the " madman with the hammer". Carlos Lescano, the guardian of the building, the neighbouring Carlos Gómez and Commander PNP Samuel Salazar. Interrogation Clímaco Basombrío acknowledged everything, but said to not remember anything. At the same time, the maid Ida Merino remaining in a coma for about per month and a half. Following two years enduring judgment, the murderer was sentenced to twenty years in prison