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There is a ton of folklore and well-known myth dedicated to supernatural creatures capable of sucking the life out of their victims. One can find a mention of these animals throughout the generations. From a Succubus in the Bible for the Vampires of today's The twilight series Sagas, the short account " Luella Miller” simply by Mary At the. Wilkins Freeman is no different. This account, unlike many other tails, would not just appear and declare the animal was present for sure; that more or less hinted to this possible existences. Also the hypnotic state that the patients were in brings you to believe that something abnormal is at hand. With a nearer look through the eyes of your narrator, Lydia Anderson, we are able to clearly notice that the cause and effect of supporting the alleged Succubus is very harmful and could possiblly cause death. Inside the short " Luella Miller” the evidence of your active Succubus is recognized throughout the writings; only searching closer can we find the fact.

In the brief story, " Luella Miller”, by Jane E. Wilkens, the article writer implies for several factors throughout the tale that Luella Miller plus the house that she lived in had therefore sort of supernatural powers. For example , story echoes on how most of the town's everyone was afraid and in many cases held onto superstitions regarding the house that Luella lived in. " Luella used to sit in a way that no person else can if they sat up and studied a week of Sundays and it was a sight to determine her walk. (Luella Callier p126) These statements can be construed by the audience that Luella possessed some sort of supernatural electricity no one more had since she could do things that no one else could.

" Her eyes had been as green and her face almost all pink and white such as a blossom, and she looked over Aunt Abby in the bed sort of harmless and astonished. ” (Luella Miller p130) This statement illustrates Luella's powers as a succubus. Although Aunt Abby who was when well and vibrant has become lying while having sex close to...

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