Write Up for the India Pharma Industry Dissertation

Write Up around the India Pharma Industry

Write up around the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry applying Competitive Framework of Industry Models. Key Characteristics of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry:

* Remarkably Regulated: The industry looks Price, Top quality & Obvious regulation. * Research Focused: Highly study driven, on a regular basis invents NDDS (Novel Medication Delivery System) along with new molecules & ground breaking production method. * Reduced price Elasticity: Customers less hypersensitive to price movements for the majority of drugs 2. Limited Client Choice: Consumers are not decision makers, Doctors & Medical Representatives play major role. 2. Highly Dependent on The Development of Overall health Infrastructure: Hostipal wards, health facilities, medical practitioners takes on a key role in traveling consumption. 2. Estimated $700 bn. in 2007.

5. Growth price 6% in CAGR.

5. Expected to reach $937 bn. in 2012.

Important Issues of Indian Pharmaceutical drug Industry:

The American indian pharmaceutical industry is estimated to have more than 10, 1000 manufacturing units, as given by the Enterprise of Pharmaceutic Producers of India. ORGANISED SECTOR | UNORGANISED SECTOR

five per cent of the market | 95% of the sector

65% of sector turnover | 35% of industry turnover

19% turnover via MNC. 81% turnover from Indian Corporations. |

Price Erosion in American indian Generics is caused by:

* Value control imposed by government

* Rise in number of household players

National List of Vital Medicines -- (NLEM) lists 354 Medicines under expense based price control by simply National Pharmaceutical Policy 2006. The discipline of discovery and advancements of New Chemical Entity (NCEs) had more misses than hits. Not many discoveries reach the final periods of home loan approvals, and in most of the cases the claim for patent gets stuck in legal battles. American indian Companies dedicate 4% of Sales in R& D, where the Global practice features 12-16%. Leading Indian Pharmaceutical drug companies had been actively stretching the frontiers of scientific knowledge & going global...