Integumentary Program Essay

Integumentary System

The Integumentary System

I. Introduction

My own chosen body organ system is the integumentary system.

II. The Integumentary System's function should be to protect and support bodily organs in the body hence this is why it is largest appendage is the Skin area.

a. Your skin protects fundamental tissue against harmful bacteria, it provides barriers against most chemicals, it also minimizes the chance of injury as a result of mechanic gear b. Skin also helps regulate body temperature.

c. It manages the body temperatures by thermo regulation and sweating.

3. The Integumentary system's key contribution to homeostasis is the ability to regulate body temperature.

IV. The skin includes the epidermis, skin and the hypodermis. a. The epidermis is the outer layer.

w. The dermis is the middle/second layer.

c. The hypodermis is the level (fatty) just below the skin

The integumentary program also includes epithelial membranes, accessory structures of the pores and skin. Chemistry is important to the recovery of burns and the developing of melanin and melanocytes.

V. Sixth is v. The integumentary system provides the three epithelial membranes which are cutaneous, serous and mucous, which immediately support the organs.

a. Cutaneous membranes-this is the pores and skin

b. Serous membranes-lines body major.

c. Mucous membranes-lines physique surfaces

VI. The various other body systems are damaged because in case the membranes are generally not efficient the other organs will be deficient as well a. Examples of deficit are burns, one of 3 levels

w. Hypothermia.

c. Current study on anti-aging treatments can be on anti-aging. a. Research has taught us that by using components which have been already present in the skin we can help restore youth. n. We have however to see the long lasting effects of several anti aging products such as Botox and Restylane.

VIII. Integumentary product is the system that " protects”. When the protection is breached by things such as burns and hypothermia, the layers with the skin...

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