Human Beings and Computers Research Paper

People and Computer systems

Individuals and Computers

Can people and computer systems coexist in peace and harmony in the foreseeable future? The poet person and the author describe two totally different landscapes, talking about thinking about coexistence. Each of our future can either be good or awful with inquiries to be asked as well. The poet, Richard Brautigan, describes the future because having hope and the computer systems take away freedom and function. The story written by Issac Asimov, writes about how exactly computers is likely to have an adverse effect on the near future and contemporary society with extreme problems too.

The author of Passage one particular creates a perspective of the future globe filled with happiness, hope, tranquility and tranquility. There is no fear and human beings and computer systems live collectively as one in nature. That they seem to work as a positive effect on one an additional. " В…cybernetic forestВ… where deers move peacefully past computer" is definitely an example of how the author views the future. I will almost view the peacefulness that may take place in the future with animals and computer systems based on the author's description.

The poet uses many literary elements to enhance his visions of the future. He uses a smile to describe a beautiful meadow which is just like, " genuine water pressing a clear atmosphere. " He also uses imagery and metaphors to show a " cybernetic forest" where computer systems are in comparison to " blossoms with content spinning blossoms. " It is obvious that the poet person sees another world in which computers and animals will certainly coexist and leave together peacefully.

In Passage 2 the author produces a totally different perspective, in which computers will be able to control people plus the things they are doing. " Joe" is proven as some type of computer which is being managed by Milton Davidson, and unmarried person, almost in the forties, whom hasn't located the right women yet. Milton decides to work with Joe to look for his true love. After weeks of searching for the right women, and lady is definitely finally picked by the name of Charitable organization Jones. However, Milton is usually arrested to get " malfeasance in office". Earlier in...