Highest Good Essay

Greatest Good

With this selection of The Ethics of Care, Virginia Held examines the values of care and its difference from the traditional moral hypotheses. Held's notion of the highest good has many criteria that will make that the best. Human interdependence, the significance of emotion, meaningful obligations in particular relationships, personal and open public traditions, and relationships are several of Held's criteria to get something as the highest great. I believe all Held's subsequent criteria are essential for someone to achieve the highest good.

Held believes that to ensure that something to be the highest very good, it must be based on a meaning realistic bank account of man persons. The girl points out a person depends on one another instead of focus on some abstract notion of independence as a purely realistic individual. " The integrity of treatment recognizes that human beings are dependent for many years of their lives, that the ethical claim of these dependent on us for the care they need is pressing, and that you will find highly important moral aspects in developing the relations of caring that enable human beings to live and progress. ” (Held, 425) Held detects that an important characteristic of the highest very good is the care of the small, old, disabled, and sick. In order to do this kind of, human interdependence is a must.

Another genuine account of human individuals would be sentiment over explanation. " The ethics of care principles emotion rather than rejects it at all. ” (Held, 425) Held focuses on her philosophy on feelings and thinking throughout the textual content. Sympathy, accord, sensitivity, and responsiveness happen to be what Kept believes since grown and developed. As our bodies age and perspective different things through our lives, each of our feelings will be reflected on and educated. Organised brings up the idea that anger may contribute to the moral wrong; however , organic emotion may not be the tips for morality.

Held's integrity of proper care are built for the moral commitments found in particular relationships. The girl does not accept the view of...

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