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Hi Ggg

Birla Commence of Technology & Technology, Pilani Distance Learning Programmes Department First Term 2007-2008 Extensive Examination (EC-2 Regular) Study course No . Study course Title Nature of Examination Weightage Timeframe Date of Exam Note: 1 . installment payments on your 3. some.

: QMJ ZG621: SUPPLY CYCLE MANAGEMENT: Open Book: 60 per cent: 3 Hours: 30/09/2007 (AN)

No . of Pages =2 No . of Questions = 7

Make sure you follow every one of the Instructions to Candidates offered on the cover page of the answer book. All parts of the question ought to be answered consecutively. Each response should start coming from a fresh web page. Mobile phones and computers of any kind really should not be brought in the examination corridor. Use of any kind of unfair means will result in extreme disciplinary actions.

Q. 1 (a). Queen. 1 (b). Q. you (c). Q. 2

In what way do source chain flows affect the success or failure of a organization like Amazon online marketplace? List two supply string decisions that have a significant influence on supply sequence profitability. How do a house delivery organization like peapod use costs of it is delivery providers to improve it is profitability? What sorts of industries or perhaps situations best suited to every single pure strategy for developing aggregate planning? Provide a answer with proper reason. [5 + your five + a few = 15]

Ready-made, a pieces of furniture manufacturer, uses 20, 1000 square feet of plywood monthly. Their trucking company charges Prefab $800 per transport independent of the variety purchased. The maker offers an every unit volume discount which has a price of $1 per square foot for requests under 20, 000 sq ft, $0. 98 per rectangular fit for orders between 20, 1000 square feet and 40, 500 square feet and $0. 96 per sq . foot intended for orders larger than 40, 500 square feet. Ready-made incurs a holding expense of 20 percent. What is the optimal great deal size to get Prefab? What is the total annual cost of such a policy? Precisely what is the inventory if the producer did not offer a quantity lower price but sold all particle board at $0. 96 every square foot? [7] How come Amazon. com able to offer a large variety of ebooks and...