Behavior And Smart Phone twenty-two 09 2014 17 Composition

Behavior And Smart Phone twenty-two 09 2014 17

Intercontinental Journal of Enhanced Study in Management & Computer Applications, ISSN: 2319-7471 Vol. a few Issue being unfaithful, Sept. -2014, pp: (9-14), Impact Aspect: 1 . 296, Available online for:

Customer Behavior toward Usage of Touch screen phone

(In Rohtak City)

Sudha Rani1, Neeta Sharma2

one particular, 2

Student of M. Phil., Department of business, MDU, Rohtak, Haryana


Purpose: Regardless of the rapidly growing competition, the study of client behavior is very important. The aim of this kind of paper is usually to analyze the consumer preference for brand of Touch screen phone (in Rohtak city) and second, to determine whether there is a significant difference among preferences intended for features of iphones on the basis of sexuality (special reference to Blackberry, The samsung company, Apple and Nokia).

Design/methodology/approach: An empirical study employing descriptive analysis design and convenience sample was applied. Data is usually collected with the help of questionnaire and used independent sample t-test for analysis. Findings: The analysis „s measure findings revealed that maximum Touch screen phone users will be female surveys takers who happen to be students and still have income level 5000-30000 L. M and reason of selection of current Smartphone will be features that provides them various facilities like internet and many apps. It is also a status symbol. Findings also revealed that, man respondents are definitely more aware about Smart phone features when compared with female respondents. Research limitations/implications: respondent may having multiple Smartphone, nevertheless for this research work, data of only one Smart phone has been acknowledged from one respondent. Practical effects: The methodology employed here can be quickly applied simply by marketers pertaining to evaluating customer behaviors and service quality performance pertaining to improved making decisions and reference allocation. Keywords: Smartphone, PDA, GPS navigation program, apps.

Daily news type: Study paper.


Marketing start with the consumer and end with all the consumer. Within the modern advertising concept every marketing activities have to disclose around buyer. Today consumer behavior is not constant. It usually is ready to make the most of any value cuts and sales, as they is totally aware of the market conditions. Thus today you need to every internet marketer to study and have knowledge about consumer behavior Customer behavior was obviously a relatively new field of examine in the mid-to-late1960‟s with no history or body system of analysis of its, the new willpower borrowed greatly from principles developed in other scientific self-discipline, such as mindset (the research of individuals), sociology (the study of groups), anthropology (the influence of society on the individuals), social mindset (the analyze of how an individual‟s operate the group) and economics. Many early theories concerning consumer habit were based about economic theory, on the notion that individuals action rationally to increase their benefits (satisfaction) in the purchase of goods and providers. The initial thrust of buyer research was from a managerial perspective; marketing managers wanted to understand the specific reasons behind consumer tendencies. They also planned to know how persons receive; store and use consumption related information, so that they could design and style marketing strategies to influence intake decisions. Component influencing consumer behavior: „what‟ consumer ingest but also „where‟ „how often‟ and under what conditions‟ services and goods are used, is motivated by a quantity of external and exogenous factors. These factors are broadly classified in four parts:

(A)Buyer features

(B)Product features

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International Journal of Enhanced Research in Management & Computer Applications, ISSN: 2319-7471 Vol. three or more Issue being unfaithful, Sept. -2014, pp: (9-14), Impact Component: 1 . 296, Available online in: (C)Seller characteristics

(D)Situational characteristics

Meaning of Touch screen phone:

A cellular phone that is able to carry out many of the functions of the...

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