Giving Justice to the Name Beauty Queen Essay

Giving Proper rights to the Subject Beauty Princess or queen

Giving Justice to the Name BEAUTY PRINCESS OR QUEEN

An Access for the Search for Small Eco-minds 2011 to Fresh Zealand by Rolyson N. Simpliciano

Being a Bayer Young Environmental Ambassador in the Philippines to Germany 2008 really makes someone more critical and alert to contemporary concerns and problems. Less critically but strangely enough speaking, it makes someone a celebrity on his/her own correct.

Last Feb, Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Septentrion, celebrated the annual Pamulinawen Festival. One of the highlights of the celebration is a search for Ms. Pamulinawen Intercontinental. Janill Magano, our 2007 BYEE and one of the 08 Top 10 Excellent Student with the Philippines, was invited being one of the -panel interviewers in the pageant and stay in-charge in measuring the level of environmental understanding the individuals have.

He asked probably the most beautiful participants (in fact, she is the first athlete up and she received almost all particular awards) what organization is she representing. The lady answered, " Sangguniang Kabataan. ” He asked once again, " Precisely what are the drive of SK? ” The girl replied, " I don't know. It's not really my requirement to know these people. ” In shock and extreme stress he stated, " You are representing an organization you do not even understand?! ” Each and every time I remember her answer We become annoyed because genuinely, I have by no means realized that splendor pageants are worthless- simply then. That served a great purpose nevertheless! It's my own motivation just for this project.

Making beauty a queen as ambassadors of the environment is not just a new issue, but it will be in the region. The idea appears so simplified but if 1 gets to find people yelling and even crying and moping for their idols as if they can be willing to become enslaved simply by them, he would soon realize this kind of idea's potential. Whether we like it or perhaps not, countryside folks such as the youth are oftentimes magnetized by movie star figures, and beauty queens are good good examples. Team building (even information drive) geared towards determination revival can be...