Fast Food Composition

Take out

Brand: Bao linh

Class: L5-B


Society can be developing day-to-day, people must be busy with a

lot of work and can't relax. Follow-up, many cafe appear to

serve customer that is can't prepare at home, choose convenient and

quick methods. Fast food which can be established by business, have a lot

of famous brand. This article will talk about reason why fast food is

safe, inexpensive and suits a fastpaced, modern way of living.

To start with, the most crucial reason that it must be fast food is definitely

safe. Firstly, Fast food cafe is provided raw materials by very clear

origin. For instance , fast food appeal to a lot of costumer and chefs

must consider secure food thus choice of materials is very important.

In addiction, gourmet cook match and good quality with costumer. For

model, chef who may be important person, must examine before waiter

bring meals to buyer.

The second reason that fast food is relatively cheap. First, its cost

as cheap as the meal in the home. For example , you have to go to industry

and buy everything to cook when you can go to junk food restaurant

to consume with cash that you use to cook in at home. Furthermore,

they can discount. To demonstrate, if you head to fast food cafe in

particular day, happened only will probably be eat fresh food but also foods is

more affordable.

Another reason that fast food fits with busy and modern life of today.

you will avoid spent a large number of time. For example , you don't need to

prepare food instead of fast food is select faster to you personally can whatever it takes

more important. Moreover, it is very hassle-free with active. For

occasion, if you can't cook or consume in restaurant, you can phone to fast

food and take to storage space bring food to you. They can be happy when ever

they provide.

In conclusion, take out is safe, inexpensive and fits with

busy and modern life of today. Almost people choose things which bring

benefits on their behalf and fast food is decision the...