Experiential Learning Essay

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

The custom of didactic learning is naturally giving way to the new era of experiential learning which allows the to enhance the information based on real interaction (experience) with the associated with knowledge. Since the identity suggests, ‘experiential' itself is known as a way of experiencing the patterns of accessing knowledge, with focus on individual reflexes, at mini level and macro levels. However , it will not become confused with experiential education which in turn deals with larger issues of educational framework and objectives.

How it works?

The experiential education is usually constructivist to the core. It depends on the effective mental procedure for involvement from the learners. The learning builds understanding by the application of inquiry and reflection. This understanding is named the ‘mental model' of the process. For example we can take those mental model of the cardiovascular system and how functions to pump the blood. It could be compared to someone, or a learner guided simply by another, or possibly a group of individuals working together for making out meaning from their query. The process may evolve from our individual mental model and inquiries regarding something (construction), that can after that be enhanced by our additional experience and expression (re-construction), and further modified simply by our relationships with others who are engaged in inquiring about the same topic (re-co-construction). In the middle of the experiential education style we will find this growing and scaffolding of learning through continuity and connections.

Why we require experiential learning?

I hear, and I ignore

I see, and I remember

I actually do, and I appreciate.

—Ancient Oriental proverb

As the Oriental proverb alone explains a whole lot regarding for what reason we need experiential learning, but here are some more factors why it should be opted. A simple research on thinking and learning can take you to the end result that learning through actively engaged method can actually generate a huge impact...