Examine the problems When Examinig Global Stores of Energy Dissertation

Look at the Issues Once Examinig Global Reserves of Energy

Mentioning examples, examine the issues once assessing global reserves of energy (15 marks)

Global strength reserves refers to the quantity of powers known with reasonable assurance to can be found and can be retrieved with the current technology at an economically viable cost. Arab saudi has the largest reserves of oil, yet Russia provides by far the biggest gas stores. However , determining reserves and evaluating a real value regarding how much there is left in the world is very tough as different people and organisations have different personal motives.

Oil companies including Exxon Mobil and BP may make an effort to hide actual figures to manage prices and hide data from competitors. The price of olive oil which is controlled by OPEC can't be excessive if estimations are given out there is great quantity in olive oil supply. Fundamental demand and supply indicates that a surplus in supply triggers prices to diminish. Therefore , oil companies may possibly report lower figures in order to increase prices and help to make a larger profit. Similarly countries may also twist figures. One example is Saudi Arabia and Russia could also exaggerate how much oil and gas they have in order to retain power and withhold geopolitical importance.

Furthermore, energy stores cannot bodily be seen so it is difficult to really assess just how many global reserves of energy there are in the world. Predictions produced may consequently be an under or perhaps overestimate of one's resources. For instance , the untapped reserves just like those in Brazil as well as the Arctic really are a prediction based upon scientific technology and geology. There is always an opportunity that incorrect information can be received or perhaps that the oil present can be bad top quality and hence unusable.

Political differences also show that everyone might not have access to several reserves of energy even if there exists an abundance of strength such as essential oil or gas in an region. For instance, China and North Korea happen to be politically hypersensitive areas. Examples of these are usually former communism countries...